5 Reasons Why Cape Town is One of The Best Cities for Remote Working

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Cape town was listed recently as number 42 on Big 7 Travel’s list of Best Cities for Remote Working. Other cities that made the list were Argentina, Indonesia, Germany, just to name a few. Big 7 Travel is a popular travel website and has a substantial community base of 2.5 million. In this post, we will discuss 5 reasons why Cape Town is considered as one of the best cities for remote working.

5 Reasons why Cape Town is one of the best cities for remote working
Gorgeous scenery and inviting ambiance

Cape Town encompasses a substantial connected expat and digital traveller scene from all over the world. The City features breathtaking scenery and is located right on the water, enclosed by beautiful mountains, eccentric neighborhoods, and lively markets. Cape Town has an enigmatic atmosphere and makes for an unforgettable living and working experience.

A fresh lifestyle and working possibilities

Emphasizing on digital travellers as part of their general destination marketing plan will become part of the mother city’s fresh international movement when the timing is opportune and it is safe to do so, according to Alderman James Vos, a member of the mayoral committee for economic opportunities. The future of work has changed dramatically which places Cape town in a superior position to cater for the varying needs of the global workforce.
Cape Town’s Enterprise and Investment team has merged this position into its intentional marketing methodology which is referred to as the six pillars: Live, Study, Visit, Work, Play and Invest in Cape Town.

The New Digital Nomad Initiative

Cape Town Tourism in collaboration with the City has introduced the new Digital Nomad initiative which was launched with the sole purpose of encouraging both international and domestic workers to consider the mother city as a remote working destination. The municipality proclaims it is also encouraging the national government to think about issuing a remote working visa that would be a huge advantage for the tourism industry in terms of creating job opportunities.
James Vos, the city’s mayoral committee member, mentions that such a visa could help with luring more international visitors to South Africa. He says that longer stays are required for supporting the local economy that has seen a downward spiral because of the Covid-19 lockdown. His goal is to attract not only the domestic market, but the international market as well at the right time.

Covid-friendly Accommodation

There are plenty Covid-19 friendly accommodation options to choose from. One of them is the Colosseum Luxury Hotel that features 68 contemporary and spacious rooms, ranging from deluxe suites to three-bedroomed penthouses, ideal for those who travel with families. Each room is equipped with semi self-catering amenities and en-suite bathrooms. All bookings include free Wi-Fi, room delivered breakfast, and secure parking. The Colosseum has implemented various Covid safety measures to protect the wellbeing of their guests.

Value for money location

The exchange rate plays a valuable role towards making the mother city a cost-effective luxury location for international professionals for up to ninety days, permitted by the South African immigration parameters. Present visa free countries that form part of our essential source markets include the UK, the US, France, Germany, and more. Longer stays can be beneficial in supporting local economies that have been impacted by the pandemic.
Even though Cape Town’s tourism task team has put heads together to address recovery measures, this new opportunity would be the first step to convince workers why Cape town is one of the best cities for remote working. And with the colorful communities, plenty of space and natural beauty, why not?

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