Published : Aug 07, 2022

All About Canal Walk

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With Canal Walk Shopping Centre only being a 5-minute walk from Colosseum Luxury Hotel, the shopping centre is one of the main attractions in Century City and draws tens of thousands of people per year. We’re here to give you the rundown of the mall and provide everything you might need to know.

Canal Walk is the largest shopping centre in Cape Town and the third largest in the whole of Africa. They opened their doors in 2000 and have been providing services to customers since. Due to its proximity to our hotel, we host a lot of happy shopping tourists who love the mall with its unique architecture and decoration. Due to the size of the mall, it was decided to decorate with two main themes in mind. This resulted in the Classical Mall, which is adorned with ‘Art of the World’, including copies of Renaissance paintings, as well as works by local artists; the other theme is called the Victorian Mall, a much more colourful theme with works by several African artists. The passageways that connect the two malls often have their own themes as well.
The mall boasts over 400 stores and 8000 parking bays. Some of the big names include H&M, Nespresso, Woolworths, Cape Union Mart, Exclusive Books, Sportsmans Warehouse, and Mr Price. Canal Walk is also home to local, smaller chains, like Poetry and Naartjie, as well as smaller vendors, like leather workers, dress makers, and souvenir crafters.

The shopping centre has a food court with all the local favourites, like Spur, Wimpy, and Panarottis. The restaurants scattered around the mall include Mugg & Bean, Tashas, Kauai, Ocean Basket, and Primi. Fast food places are also easily accessible – McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Cinnabon, and Krispy Kreme. Lots of choice, perfect for any kind of craving!
As for entertainment, Canal Walk has a large Nu Metro Cinema, with a variety of movies showing. You can choose how fancy you want to go with the experience, opting for a simple popcorn and movie, or you can head to the Scene Xtreme, which has the largest movie screen in Cape Town at 3-storeys high and 360-degree sound. The mall also has a Kids Club and often runs programs during the school holidays. Be sure to check if there are any theatre performances running, as this is great entertainment for the kids!

What more could you need? Everything under one roof, and within walking distance to boot! Be sure to ask our friendly staff if you need any assistance navigating the mall or are looking for a specific store. And don’t forget to tag us in your shopping hauls and OOTD’s!

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