Monthly full moon hikes in Century City

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Century City is already well-known for our gorgeous Intaka Island. This award-winning nature reserve is a bird sanctuary and a little piece of peace right in the midst of Cape Town. Intaka, which means bird in isiXhosa, is a unique blend of nature and urban development and hosts 177 species of indigenous fynbos and 120 bird species. Gorgeous to visit during the day, but even more spectacular at night!

Throughout the year, an hour-long, fully guided, full moon hike takes place on Intaka. Hikes are usually arranged around specific events, like the Easter hike, the Earth hour hike, and the supermoon hike. Hikes start at dusk and offer the perfect opportunity to listen as the city comes to rest, while the critters and birds come alive on the island. Finish the hike off with a delicious cup of hot chocolate around the campfire at the Lapa.

The hikes have been a big hit thus far and have sold out regularly, so be sure to book your hike well in advance! Feel free to ask our friendly staff about what’s on in Century City when you next stay with us. Intaka is a quick 15-minute walk from our hotel, meaning that you won’t be tired when you start your hike, nor will you have to make a long trip back home afterwards.

The dates for the 2023 hikes are as follows:

  • Saturday, 25 March: Earth Hour
  • Thursday, 6 April: Easter Hunt
  • Thursday, 31 August: Supermoon
  • Friday, 29 September: Springtime
  • Saturday, 28 October: Dress-Up
  • Monday, 27 November: Last Hike of 2023

You can book tickets here.

Enjoy our little oasis in Century City at any time of day! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff at reception and don’t forget to tag us in your stunning full moon pictures.

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